Take care of your skin after summer with natural way

by Fani make up artist Summer has come to an end. But the daily sun exposure, high temperatures and the sea, left some marks on our skin. Dryness, freckles and dehydration are some of them …. The need for intensive care is imperative to make our skin glowing and radiant again. 1st STEP Face cleaning The first step of facial cleansing is very important. The … Continue reading Take care of your skin after summer with natural way

You need to eat these foods in the heat

In the heat we need something that will cool us down. These are the foods that will hydrate us. Watermelon Watermelon consists of about 92% water, which makes it an ideal food for hydration. Watermelon also has a high content of vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Cucumber Cucumbers are made up of about 95% water, but they also have a high concentration of … Continue reading You need to eat these foods in the heat

What Love Looks Like

Director: Alex Magaña Stars: Margo Graff, Josh Gilmer, Kate Durocher This feel good movie about five different love stories written, directed, shot, and produced by Alex Magaña, surely it is not original. You’ve seen it all before. None of the characters from the other plots interact, and because of the often superficial dialogues and poor acting, the film is a liitle bit boring. However the … Continue reading What Love Looks Like

These foods ensure a flat stomach

According to dietitians, for a flat stomach it is good to choose foods that will help our body to “deflate”, such as fruits and vegetables. Cucumber Thanks to the flavonoid quercetin, which reduces inflammation, and its high water content, it fights bloating. Freshen up with cucumbers Banana Thanks to potassium, keeps you full for longer and encourages your liver to enter to a fat burning … Continue reading These foods ensure a flat stomach