Couture jewelry

Fusing traditional and modern materials with avant garde design, Argentine designer Isabel Englebert presents her exquisite collection of handmade, couture jewelry. With a wide material vocabulary, the collection is noticeably innovative. Using silver, sterling silver and gold, combined with precious and semi-precious stones and the finest cow and horse leathers, she also experiments with other new materials such as acrylic.

Uniting classical goldsmith techniques with the latest technology, including laser cutting and 3D printing, each piece is a bold representation of intricate design, immense skill and impeccable finish. The art of combination is the distinct signature of this designer, who keeps true to the brands core values on each piece.

Tell me about your label?

The brand has my name because it really represents me: who I am and what I like. I think that one of my abilities is to create unique pieces with a modern edge. I also feel that it is really important to follow your instinct and vision and most of all to never forget what you like. If you design a jewel you would wear, you have half of the success on your side. I feel people can really recognise the authenticity in a brand.

What is your inspiration?

Everything and anything! Fashion, art, history but always keeping in mind the woman who is going to wear it.

Which celebrity would you like to make jewelry for and why?

Amal Clooney is one of the latest women that really got me hooked to her style. She’s really neat and elegant.


Amal Clooney


What is your style?

I would say I have a modern, edgy style. I like fashion forward outfits, usually monochromatic, with very good cuts and fabrics. Of course, the star of my look its always one of my creations.
You can check Isabel’s creations here: ,

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