Frankremme «These are the clothes of my dreams»

“These are the clothes of my dreams”  says fashion designer and industry veteran Frank Remme about his eponymous label “frankremme”. “This collection is the sum of me.” Frank Remme launched his first collection in XX, 2014 after having worked more than 20 years in the European and Scandinavian fashion industry. Remme’s work experience range from iconic haute couture houses such as Christian Dior and Christian Lacroix to commercial brands such as H&M and WEsC. Thank you for the interview, Frank Remme!

Tell us about your label.

I’ve always wanted to launch my own brand, and finally it felt like the right time. No matter what, you always make compromises when working for others. For example, when I entered the world of street wear at WEsC, I compared it to acting and me taking on a role. Now, I’m directing my own movie! Having returned to my native Norway in 2011, I am now eager to push the frontiers of the country’s exciting fashion scene.


What is the secret for a good collection?

Designing a collection just to provoke and solicit knee-jerk reactions is not hard to do. But to create stand-out collections made up of clothes people actually want to buy and wear, year after year – that’s success in my book. Great quality in fabrics and design, a high degree of comfort, durability, versatility and full focus on sustainability in all aspects of the production are just some of the key ingredients that our team focuses on in order to achieve our goals of succeeding.

It is important to us that everyone involved in the process of making our clothes are treated well and I am committed to inspecting all facilities which are involved in the production of my collections.

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