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If you love to wear jewelries that makes you feel like a princess, jewelry designer, Caterina Capelli, can make your… fairy tale becomes a reality. With collaborations with many famous brands like Moschino, that still continues over the years, Caterina, since 2013, has also launched her own label. Check out her playful designs in

Tell me about your label and your collaborations with other brands.

My career as a fashion designer, is began, by accident, in 2003 while I was at the point to became a philosophy teacher, after the degree at the University of Bologna. In that very year, in fact, I’ve been discovered by the creative director of the fashion accessories company Radà, with which it’s began a successful collaboration that still continues today. Over the years I fell in love more and more with my job, and the collaborations with other fashion houses have multiplied, including ExquisiteJSissi Rossi and many other less known companies.  

Starting from 2005, I began my more satisfying and exciting collaboration with the fashion house Moschino for which I created not only jewelry, but also special accessories to be used during the fashion shows. I must say, that this experience has represented a turning point in my career, because that was the  first time I was allowed to give free rein to my imagination, and it was in the years passed by working for Moschino that was born the embryonic idea of my collection. I needed to create more and more and I realized that the thousand ideas I had in my mind, were good materials for many collections to come… and those ideas were already very personal  and revealing my creative philosophy.

In 2013, I launched my eponymous label, Caterina Capelli, with the intent to express my playful imagination, interpreting the making of jewelry itself in my personal way.

I like to think of my collection as a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes, that sums up my imaginary world. I deal with every jewel as if it were a unique piece, because I think it’s time to change direction, and to exit the pattern of mass production, that uses underpaid labor to produce low-cost and of little value goods, that do not last long.

My collection expresses, in the variety of materials and of different techniques of working, the love for Italian craftsmanship: each piece is finely embroidered and then often painted: I assemble rhinestones, glass, chains, beads and pearls in hand-stitched intricate structures that assume from time to time the features of animals, vegetables or everyday objects.

Despite my label absorbs a lot of my energies, I continue however to accept collaborations with other designers, because I find very exciting to deal with new and different points of view. I still work on the collection of  Radà  and from 2013,  I create special jewelry collections for Stella Jean.

Which are your inspirations for making jewelries?

Art, cinema, traveling, music, pop culture, history of costume: everything that I love becomes  an inspiration to create, but the universe of childhood and the imaginery of fairy tales is definitely my constant inspiration. I like to think that my sparkling and colorful jewelry – in the shape of animals, fruits, flowers or everyday objects – can come out from the pages of a fantastic pop up book, so to donate to my costumers the same joy and surprise that you can see in the eyes of children when watching a magic trick. I create accessories that add a touch of glamour to everyday life by making every woman feel a shining star, the princess of her own fairy tale.

In which celebrity would you like to make a jewelry?

I create my jewelry always thinking about an ironic woman with a strong personality and informed on social issues, a women who does not give up her sense of humor when choosing an accessory to wear. Even a jewel – as well as an art piece, a piece of music or a movie – can  donate a bit of joy in everyday life, but also can communicate a message.

If I had to choose to create a jewel for a celebrity,  I’d choose for sure Vivienne Westwoodbecause she has always been true to herself, so to be able to stay a revolutionary girl, despite the success and the passage of time. She played a central role in the contemporary culture, contributing to change the rules of the fashion system in the seventies, and she is revolutionary still nowadays, taking advantage of her fame in order to focus people’s attention on important issues as the climate change, the nuclear disarmament and the civil rights defense. She is an extraordinary model of life, because both as a designer and also as a citizen of the world, she is able to look forward since she has deep knowledge of the past… and moreover, she is a powerful warrior with the eyes of a child!

If I had to add other names, I would say Bjork and Dita Von Teese, because, even being very different from each other, each of them has turned in some way, her public face in a work of art.

In addition, I cannot refrain from revealing, that I’d love to create accessories for Tim Burton’s movie characters!

Style is to you…

Style is being yourself, wearing whatever dress makes you feel happy, without being influenced by fashion or by social and cultural conditioning…

Style is  ignoring  what “out of fashion” means: if you can easily draw a caricature of yourself, using very few pencil strokes, then you have a style.

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