TRX for a healthy life

Charis Ioannidis, is a personal trainer, who thinks that the exercise is the best way for a clear thinking. With thousands Instagram followers, but also the recognition of the TRX America, it seems that many agree with his point of view!

How did you decide to do personal training and what are your goals for the future?

At school and later when I was older, I was playing volleyball. But I decided to study marketing and economics and I chose a different directions in work, that back then, was a great choice with very good earnings. In some point, because of my stressful everyday life, I returned as a trainee at the gym. Very soon and with the encouragement of my trainer back then, and my partner now, I started studies and seminars abroad. In a very short time I gained sympathy and professionalism, and I saw the impact that the TRX training would have, so I focused there.

The recognition from abroad came after 3 years, from TRX America that posted on its site my own exercises, while I was invited to a seminar and I also have the possibility for a future cooperation. I work as a personal trainer for the past eight years. Why am I doing it…? Because I just love it! My future goal is to create a modern training studio, with a nutritionist and a psychologist. With all the business proposals that I have from abroad and also living in the Greece of the economic crisis, it is honestly hard to decide the next step.

In those difficult times that we live in, is the exercise a way to deal our problems, with more optimism?

The exercise is probably, one of the few ways of a good stimulation, relaxation and a way to be more fit. Of course it doesn’t solve our problems, but it creates the conditions for a better thinking, for more attention and care to ourselves and boosts our confidence. Moreover, is the best way of recovery to any problems related with our health.

Which parts of the body, do you think, it is harder for someone to workout? And what is the most common thing that your trainee want to achieve through training?

Our bodies are different, and each one of them, has other possibilities and other prospects. With this in mind, I am working with the goal to develop healthy bodies and smiles. That to me is a big responsibility.

My trainees usually ask if they are male to workout their arms and their chest, and if they are women, their buttocks and their belly. But eventually, we discover together that the body is an organism and you can’t workout independently some groups only. I am not one of the trainers who are pushing for example, their trainees to lift even more weights. I have my own philosophy in coaching for improving fitness and health.

Which celebrities the personal trainer would you like to be?

I would like to workout the actor, Jude Law and also the Greek singer, Anna Vissi, because she has an incredible energy.

In someone that it doesn’t like to workout, you would say “at least three times a week try to …. “

… eat properly and in controlled quantities and secondly to do fast walking in a long distance.

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