4 smart make up tips to look younger

We may love to grow up, but with the passage of time the skin loses its natural glow. However with these tips you will look fresh, shiny and younger for longer period of time.

A massage please!

Make circular movements around your face while you put your beauty products, to help your skin stay youthful for longer. In this way you enhance the lymphatic system, resulting in better oxygenation of the skin.

Use less foundation

Especially now in the summer, large amounts of foundation will “sit” in thin lines and will make you look older and tired. If your skin is in good condition, all you have to do is to give your eyes a glow with a small amount of concealer.

Avoid heavy makeup in the eyes

Choosing very intense or dark shadows can make the area of ​​the eyes look tired. Prefer products in creamy textures and play with more colorful shades for a very youthful result.

Say yes to creamy products

Blushes and bronzers in creamy form can do wonders for your skin. Lightweight textures that are easy to work with will make you shine and give you a natural look, while with powdered products there is a risk of using more than you actually need.

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