Autumn makeup 2019

by Fani make up artist

Autumn is a bit transitional so the makeup transition should be without exaggeration and dark mood.

Glossy… pastel shadows

We maintain the sweet pastel shades in all shades of pink, blue, green, bronze…. The only difference is that this year they are becoming more playful and brighter, more shiny and girly.

Normally apply a brush with the shade you love, then take a neutral and colorless lip gloss or lip balm and carefully tamp over the shade. It will be polished and shiny.

Shine everywhere….

A beautiful and extremely sun-kissed skin does not need much .. Brightness only. After applying the base, dyeing lashes and lips, take the shiny product and place it with your fingertips, to the point where you want to highlight. Above the lips, in the inner corner of the eye, high on apples and lightly near the temples.

Corean lips…

And finally let’s talk about the new trend on the lips … It’s time for more artistic lips. We lubricate our lips with the foundation we have used all over the face. Then we take the lip brush and after we have chosen our color, we paint them starting from the inside and we create a very natural result.

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