In these ways you will say goodbye to black circles under your eyes

by Fani make up artist

Black circles appear on the skin around the eye area due to excessive melanin concentration. It is a problem faced by women and men of all ages. Especially after the holidays that we stayed up late.

Fatigue, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, reduced fluid intake and smoking are some of the factors that create unwanted black circles.

But how do we deal with them?

. Naturally just place cold slices of cucumber or cover your eyes with cold tea bags of black tea.

. Proper posture of sleep is also very important. Slightly raise your pillow for better circulation of the blood.

. Use special eye creams for black circles or special pads.

. The right concealer do the trick! Place it gently. The color must be yellow and light orange to get the best coverage…. A simple trick is to apply an orange lipstick over the circles and under the concealer.

. Finally, do not make up your eyes underneath. We do not even put mascara on the lower lashes as we will emphasize the problem.

Miracles do not happen of course, but in these simple ways, and if we take care of our diet better and drink more water, we may minimize the problem.

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