Perfect red lips with 8 easy steps

Whatever color trend is in fashion for our lipstick, the red one is always our first choice. It is the most feminine and impressive shade you can choose for your lips. Many women, however, do not think of using this color because a wrong move can be fatal for the final result of their makeup. Follow 8 simple steps to wear it properly and look like a Hollywood star!

  1. Initially, use a lip scrub to remove the dead cells and to deeply moisturize your lips.

2. For deep hydration, put a lip balm and wait until it is well absorbed by your lips, because if you use your lipstick directly, it will not stabilize properly.

3. We recommend that you put your face powder to the lip area too, so that you create a smooth surface on which the lipstick will be best placed.

4. Choose a pencil in the same shade with your lipstick and with careful moves design the outline of your lips. This  will prevent smudges and will show your lips more fleshy and impressive.

5. It’s time for your lipstick! Start by placing product in the center of your lips and gradually stretching it across their surface. In this way, you will hardly get away from the lines. When you place the lipstick, try to have your lips stretched out so you can easily distinguish their shape.

6. In order to keep your lipstick stable for longer hours, carefully put a tissue on your lips and cover it with powder. Leave it for two minutes and when you remove it you will see that your lipstick will be matte and firm.

7. If you want to give an extra glow to your lips, put a lip gloss.

8. Use your concealer with its thin brush to cover any imperfections. You are ready to impress!

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