Proper skin care for these days

In this difficult time, that we are constantly at home, it does not mean that our skin is protected. Of course we are not exposed to many of the usual environmental conditions, such as solar radiation and pollution, but there are other effects on our skin, mainly from the dry atmosphere created by heating systems and internal pollutants, especially from the use of the kitchen. But the biggest impact on our skin is the stress created by the feeling of limitation.

Proper cleaning

At home, the skin is exposed to internal pollutants, especially when we cook often. The time we spend in the kitchen exposes our skin to volatile particles that oxidize the tissue and increase the level of inflammation in the skin. Intensive cleaning is vital, in order to completely eliminate all these particles and other harmful pollutants.


Stress causes the skin’s keratinocytes to fall, reducing its renewal, causing significant damage to its defense system. In short, try to relax and soothe your skin.

Lack of fresh air

Lack of fresh air means that the skin finds it difficult to stay oxygenated and bright. Especially when the microcirculation is slowed down due to lack of exercise, which usually stimulates blood circulation. The cells are deprived of nutrients and their function is slowed down. As the days go by, the skin becomes more and more dull, more fragile. As for the heating in the house, although necessary, it is usually high until the hot days of Spring, which enhances the dehydration of the skin.

Between cleansing and moisturizing the skin, take some time to massage your skin to stimulate microcirculation and cellular metabolism. Before applying the treatment product, put your hands under running cold water to stimulate the skin even more.

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