This is how you will create the summer no makeup look

Summer, hot temperature and vacations. Who wants to sit in front of a mirror and do makeup? If however you love this process we have a suggestion for you. Of course we’re talking about the famous no make up look.

Hydrated skin

If you want a perfect result, you can mix a small amount of foundation with your moisturizer or sunscreen or choose a BB cream.


If you put the foundation, then obviously this is the next step. If not, then the concealer can save you, giving you a flawless complexion. Find a shade close to your natural color and you are ready.


Find a shade of color that is slightly darker than the natural color you have on your eyelid. This will brighten your eyes.


Apply the eyeliner along your lashes to create a very subtle line that accentuates your look and gives the lashes a dense feel without the use of mascara.


To take off this look it is best to invest in a creamy blush that will give your skin a healthy look. You can choose a warm pink or an orange shade.


The ideal lipstick for your look would be creamy and not matte.

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