Those are the 3 essential products for our holiday beauty routine…

by Fani make up artist

The summer is here and we plan our beautiful and carefree holidays. The destination it doesn’t matter. The only thing we need to focus on is absolute relaxation. But wherever we go we do not neglect our beauty routine because above all we are women and we want to be beautiful and charming. And to achieve this we only need 3 essential products …

1st Sunscreen

The first and most essential product is our sunscreen. Choose the one that suits to your type of complexion. If you have a pale skin for example you certainly must choose sunscreen with SPF50. And to avoid of using a foudation, buy a sunscreen with color.

2nd Cream blush

The biggest advantage of blush in creamy form is its versatility, since it is ideal for cheeks, lips and eyes. Placing it with gentle movements gives a feeling of health and liveliness to our skin. And remember that the product you will choose not be oily or glossy.

3rd The mascara …

The third and the most important product is mascara … Because of the summer we choose waterproof mascara to avoid unpleasant situations. Also, if you are bold enough, select the colored ones that are the absolute trend.

We do not have to spend much time to make a nice make up look in the summer. It is enough to have the right products and good mood.

Enjoy your summer!

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