Tips to make your manicure lasts longer

If you like to dye your nails yourself without the help of an expert, then the following tips will be very helpful.

1. Prepare the skin and nails by doing a good massage to your hands with a cream containing special nail nutrients.

2. Make a protective film on your nails by dipping them in vinegar for 10′.

3. Use a mild buffer blade and gently rub your nails to make them shine.

4. Never forget the base. Look for a keratin-enriched composition that will strengthen the nails and keep away the yellow color that you notice when you discolor them.

5. Bet on the best compositions on the market as this will keep your manicure intact for more days and save you time and money.

6. Don’t forget to move the bottle well. The small balls you see and hear inside the bottle help the pigments blend in well, do not let the varnish dry, and help to avoid the air bubbles that ruin the final result.

7. The secret to uniform color that lasts longer is the thin layers of color. Ideally we apply each nail 3 times after the previous layer has dried and we prefer to use less product.

8. Lastly put on the special varnish that will shield the color of your choice while strengthening your nails.

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