Vaseline: The must beauty product of summer

by Fani make up artist

In the winter, when temperatures are low, our body and especially our lips, need to hydrate. Vaseline is a miraculous product and friendly to all type of skins. Moisturizes and nourishes deep our complexion.

But we do not need it only in the winter. It is a product that solves many problems related to our beauty routine. It is very economical and lasts too long. Have you ever thought that when you want to remove your intense for example red long lasting lipstick, you can do it by using vaseline?

Do you want to make your eye shadow creamy? Mix it in your hand with vaseline and is perfect! You can also do the same with a shadow and turn it into a highlighter.

In addition to many other cosmetic uses, the daily application of a small amount of vaseline to the eyelashes can help you to strengthen and maintain them long and dense.

And finally convert a matte lipstick into a creamy and glossy one spreading a little amount of vaseline to the lips after applying the color of your choice.

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