3 tips to get a… killer body

If your dream for this summer is a … killer body, follow 3 simple tips and you will get it soon.

Goodbye cellulite

The good result is affected by the way the anti-cellulite products are applied. Apply the cosmetics of your choice with dynamic and circular movements, starting from the ankles and reaching the basin area. The heat that will be generated, will activate the body’s lymphatic vessels, that will say goodbye to the fat.


Use the appropriate composition for your skin in the morning to protect it from atmospheric pollutants and sunlight and before you lie down, since when you sleep the skin absorbs the active ingredients of cosmetics much better. Do not forget to put your day cream and in the area of ​​the neckline, as over time this part of the body loses its elasticity and firmness.

Feet for … kissing

If you choose epilating strips to get rid of unwanted hair, make a light massage on your feet, using pure alcohol, before you begin the procedure, as this will prevent the appearance of inflammations and red spots.

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