Can I lose pounds by walking?

Whatever kind of workout we choose its good for our body and health, let alone walking.

Experts recommend four hours of intense physical exercise a week for those who want to lose weight. But there are important factors to consider if you want to bet on walking to achieve your goal.

You have to raise your pace a bit to get the desired result and not to walk like strolling around. Walking begins to be effective and burns calories when you feel that you are a little bit tired. If you like to walk in a corridor at the gym find the right speed and continue to set new goals every week, always in a logical framework to avoid injuries.

If you start now you will see a big difference in your body in the first six weeks. But then it would be good to include in your program the strengthening of your body with weights or gym rubbers.

How a ten minutes walking has the same benefits with an hour of jogging

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