Keep your body in shape with 3 tips

Keep our body in shape and feeling fit is not that difficult. You just need 3 tips to keep your normal weight or come back to it.


If you decided to have a healthier diet, try to get your partner or best friend to do it too. So you will no longer need to cook two different dishes at home, but you will not also endure your friend’s complaints when proposing instead of french fries to order grilled vegetables in the restaurant.

Keep away from temptations

Replace the dishes at your home with smaller ones so you can rethink it before filling it for a second time. If you bored peeling fruit instead of watermelons and peaches, buy bananas and grapes. If you are bored to cut vegetables, pre-cook them as soon as you buy them and put them in the refrigerator and they will be ready the next time you are feeling hungry.

Change habits

If every time that you pass in front of your favorite patisserie your appetite opens up for something sweet, change course. If you always order popcorn in the cinema, next time you need to resist.

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