These foods ensure a flat stomach

According to dietitians, for a flat stomach it is good to choose foods that will help our body to “deflate”, such as fruits and vegetables.


Thanks to the flavonoid quercetin, which reduces inflammation, and its high water content, it fights bloating.

Freshen up with cucumbers


Thanks to potassium, keeps you full for longer and encourages your liver to enter to a fat burning phase by boosting metabolism.

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Add it chopped in a salad and it has the property of improving the digestive tract and helping you to get a flatter stomach.


Full of antioxidants and with an aphrodisiac action asparagus has another great advantage. They act as diuretics, help detoxify the body and reduce bloating.


The probiotics it contains help balance good bacteria and prevent bloating. In addition, a single yogurt contains a respectable amount of 17 g. protein (almost three times the amount of egg) which means you will be late to starve again.

Add yoghurt in your daily beauty routine


Often the swollen abdomen is due to constipation. Try to drink 8-10 glasses a day to keep your body hydrated.


Four or five plums a day ensure good bowel function and, consequently, a flat stomach.

And our superfood of the week goes to… prunes

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