The right preparation for the bridal make up

A wedding requires from the bride to make a lot of preparations such as the house, the reception, the church, the invitations … that ends in anxiety and fatigue. So, she forgets she has to do some very important things for herself, for her complexion. It’s time for the makeup, which usually leaves it last, and has forgotten the most important things, such as….

Two weeks before the make up we do a very good face cleansing in a beauty center, so that the face has been relieved of all irritation and it is clean and smooth. After doing the cleaning, every morning and evening we hydrate it with vitamins A and E. Does not cost too much and gives us the nourishment and hydration that our skin needs in order the make up to be perfect.

The next stage is our eyebrows, an important part of the face. It is important to have well-shaped eyebrows. Eyebrows are also the frame of the painting that the make up artist will create your dreamy make up. Another important thing that will make us smile is of course our teeth. A good cleaning is a must.

Do not forget that this day is one of the most important and we want not only to look beautiful but also to truly be. Inside and outside!

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