This is how the biggest fashion houses respond to racism

The streets of America are on fire by protesters demanding justice for the unjust death of African-American George Floyd by a white police officer. The biggest fashion houses are sending a clear message against racism, financially supporting organizations fighting for the human rights.

The famous designer donated money to the Black Visions Collective, the NAACP’s Legal Defense and Education Fund, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and George Floyd Memorial Fund.

The house donated money to NAACP in the French organization SOS Racisme.

A sum of money was donated by the British company to Black Lives Matter.

Calvin Klein
The house made a statement that would support organizations fighting racism and social injustice.

The top fashion house will offer money through the North America Changemakers Impact Fund to human rights organizations.

Marc Jacobs Beauty
The designer has openly supported the protesters through his account, while he will also offer money to Black Lives Matter.

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