Cold pursuit

Director: Hans Petter Moland

Stars: Liam Neeson, Laura Dern, Micheál Richardson

A snowplow driver seeks revenge against the drug dealers he thinks killed his son. Based on the 2014 Norwegian film ‘In Order of Disappearance’.

Liam Neeson has done one of these kind of movies almost every year since the blockbuster ‘Taken” and he carries the baggage of all his past revenge movies and in this one. “Cold pursuit” is full of action, fun, beautifully shot, with the icy landscape to be the protagonist and darkly comic moments. The Moland’s joy of carnage and black humor keep the film intriguing from start to finish and it is always entertaining, even when it seems unsure what it’s aiming for. However, it just doesn’t deliver the same thrills and chills as the original Scandinavian story.

“Cold pursuit” will not go down in history as one of Liam Neeson’s most memorable efforts, but it’s fun while it lasts and it is the kind of film action fans will embrace.

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