Dior’s ‘Nose’ Documentary Uncovers the Secrets of Perfumes

In the new documentary Nose, filmmakers Arthur de Kersauson and Clément Beauvais have followed François Demachy for two years across 14 countries: from Grasse, France to every corner of the world, on a quest for inspiration and the most valuable raw materials to create the iconic perfumes of Dior. Demachy is a French perfumier, better known as a “nose,” who has been designing fragrances for Dior since 2006. The trailer explains that creating a fragrance is like “composing a symphony.” Every every ingredient, every note is deliberate and in sync with the whole. Take one away and the symphony will be out of tune.

From Grasse May roses to Calabrian Bergamot, through Indonesian patchouli and Sri Lankan sandalwood, Nose exhibits as a travel documentary, discovering many small communities and unique regions, while also telling the story Demachy and how he creates perfumes worn and promoted by some of the biggest names in the world. Along the way, he crosses paths with local producers in these remote regions who maintain the precious craftsmanship and traditional expertise of their work. It soon becomes clear that Dior’s perfumes are created through the close ties forged between Demachy and these suppliers, as well as their shared desire to bring beauty to life in a fragrance.

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