What Love Looks Like

Director: Alex Magaña

Stars: Margo Graff, Josh Gilmer, Kate Durocher

This feel good movie about five different love stories written, directed, shot, and produced by Alex Magaña, surely it is not original. You’ve seen it all before. None of the characters from the other plots interact, and because of the often superficial dialogues and poor acting, the film is a liitle bit boring. However the touching part of the movie is the story of Max who recently lost his wife and struggles to move on.

With the help of Evie and also of her tasty sandwiches, life looks more promising. Nathan Kohen’s acting is the most interesting of the rest of the cast. As a result, “What Love Looks Like” is not by far an excellent romantic film but it is shot in beautiful places, it is sweet and fun enough with all its honest clichés. If you’re looking of something lightweight this is the right movie.

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