15 things that do not happen in a healthy relationship

Healthy relationships are difficult and finding someone who can be your best friend and your lover is magical. However, it requires honesty, communication and selflessness among others. Just remember the 15 things that do not happen in a healthy relationship.

1. You do not kiss as often as you used to.

2. Argue for details.

3. Go to bed angry.

4. Forget about answering to each other’s messages.

5. You are angry and aggressive without a reason.

6. You say the problems that concern you to a psychologist instead of your partner.

7. You are critical to each other.

8. You have forgotten your friends.

9. You refuse to accept your differences.

10. You consider each other as a given.

11. You have doubts about your feelings.

12. You say “I love you” and you do not mean it.

13. You feel too comfortable and there is no adventure between the two of you.

14. You both avoid of discussing about the future.

15. You do not express your feelings to each other.

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