Is he cheating on me on social media?

Saturday night I was out for a drink and next to me in the bar was sitting a couple. They had ordered cocktails and while they were drinking, he opened his cell phone, went into a social network and check out several photos. His girl leaned against him and looked at his mobile phone screen as they check out several photos and every now and then they commented and laughed with one or the other photo.

So I was thinking that for many other couples, this would be a reason for separation. Checking one or two photos in Instagram or Facebook statuses and doing Like or commenting positively is most of the time the reason for starting a war.

Why did we stop trusting each other?

The dominance of social networks has changed the lives of all of us in the past 10 years. We have almost all of us at least one profile on a social network and we manage our lives through it. Unfortunately, we also behave in our relationships in the same way. We control them and make them dependent on social networks.

Is there really a problem or are we just bored?

Do we really believe that our partner really cheating on us on Instagram or Facebook or are we just bored at the office? From the first time we go into his profile and we check who follows or who has commented on the new photo he has uploaded, then it is the time to think if there is any reason we do that.

Many times people get confused and associate love with drama. We believe that when we see our boyfriend doing Like in a photo of a beautiful girl we do not know, we can yell him and then everything it will be okay. Well, no. We will yell at him, and then we will be the crazy chick who will look for a way to escape for the situation she has created.

Lack of confidence

Follow all the time your partner on social networks, it means that you do not trust him.

Usually, what we do is to get into his profile, and when he is following someone who we think is a threat, we immediately think there are hidden personal messages, implied comments and a second parallel relationship. Seconds later, we will check the girl’s profile, look for Likes, comments, photos from the past, and what kind of common friends we have.

But all of this may mean nothing serious since she can be a cousin who you did not know, a classmate from his old school or a family friend and you once again be the crazy chick from which your boyfriend must find a way to escape.

Was this relatioship already over?

Can I tell you what I think? If we start looking for his profile on Instagram or on Facebook or some other social network, this relationship was already over and we did not want to admit it. It is important for maintain our relationship to have confidence in our partner. Using a social network does not mean he plans to cheat on us. To suspect him, however, definitely means that this relationship has an expiration date.

Vassilios L.

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