Autumn goals

In just a couple of hours, this summer will be over and with it the unforgettable and hot days, the holidays and the many hours we spent outdoors. We are slowly returning to our everyday life and it is an opportunity to set some goals to make our relationship even better.

1. Let’s make small measurable changes

Talk to your partner and decide if you would like to make a change in your everyday life. We are not talking about anything big and difficult. Let’s tell each other a change that we would like to make. For example, you could ask your partner to send you a written message during your work to tell you how is doing at that moment. Small and easy changes can renew your relationship.

2. Separate from your cell phone

All of us during the summer we spend a little more time on our cell phones, either to talk with our on line friends about our holidays or to upload the terrific photos of our holidays.

The time has come to separate from our mobiles. Spend time with your partner without worrying about your cell phone and the social media. Leave it in another room or at times it’s good to shut it down and spend your time on each other.

3. We will treat each other as kindly as we treat our friends

Many times we treat our partner harder than we would have been to a friend of ours. Also to our friends, we usually recognize the right of doubt. Relax. Think twice before you talk and be polite to each other even when you disagree. Relationships build on and strengthen with mutual respect.

4. Share stories from the past

At our first date we are used to talk and share stories from when we went to school until our more recent past and the purpose of course was to get to know each other and to bond.

Continue to do that even now that you are no longer in the first steps of your relationship. There are always things that we do not know about each other and the best knowledge of our past helps our partner to understand us better.

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