Do you hear me talking to you?

I believe that one of the oldest problems we face in our relationships is communication. Τhe lack of communication between the two or more members of a relationship. And while the world is changing, people behave differently and the technology is always one step ahead, the lack of communication in relationships continue to exist.

Has there ever been a real communication?

The biggest mistake we make is to think we communicate with our partner while we have never actually done it. Sadly, people are vulnerable to love and love does not require verbal communication or understanding.

We fall in love with the image of a person, an attractive body or perhaps an interesting profession or economic status. In the years of the internet many people fall in love with an avatar * as strange as it sounds. In all these relationships, communication did not play a dominant role.

So we continued to maintain a relationship with the illusion of communication because only in that way can we justify our choice. Of course, this situation has an expiration date, and when we realize it we should think and evaluate the ability to develop communication.

Lost in technology

In recent years there has been a new category of lack of communication that has emerged from the development of technology. Virtual reality games or movies, smart mobile phones, smart TVs, easy access to almost all of the movies and the series that are being released and of course social media, take all of our free time. Many times we seem to communicate more with all these devices than with our partner.

Fun is addictive and is often the way out of reality. Why someone to fight to create and maintain a relationship when he can spend time playing virtual games with his online friends or uploading photos to social media? The truth is that we have to decide what we want from our lives. Not to cancel from our life something that amuse us but to find our balances.

A relationship needs love, love and communication between its members in order to be able to grow. Only with communication can we really learn our partner, learn our differences, and of course we can find ways to be both happy. Because in the end everything is done for our happiness.

* image, your online profile picture

Vassilios L.

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