Problems we can’t solve in a relationship

There are problems in our relationships that we can easily resolve. There are also problems that we can’t solve and you should decide if you want to accept it and continue this relationship.

1. Intolerance

There will be times that your point of view will be different from that of your partner. This is normal. But it is a problem that we can not solve when one of the two in a relationship does not accept the different point of view, and after the disagreement that follows, it is difficult to forgive the other.

2. Chronic infidelity

Many relationships are confronted with infidelity and this is not something that we can not solve. Many people are trying to save their relationship after infidelity. But when it is chronic and repetitive, then it becomes psychopathic and of course the reason the relationship reaches its end. Chronic infidelity is a problem that we can not solve.

3. Distance

It is important for the partners to spend time alone in a relationship. However, the way they spend their free time apart should not be a big mystery. In a relationship, the partners need to be open to each other.

4. Sex problems

Although some people do not admit it, a healthy sex life with your partner is very important for a relationship to survive. When you do not agree with things that irritate you sexually and do not enjoy sex in the same way and at the same intensity it can leave one of the two partners with a feeling of void.

5. Narcissist

If your partner is a narcissistic personality then the relationship will not be easy. Those people make only small efforts that do not lead to a final solution.

6. Locked feelings

If in a relationship you can not share your feelings with your partner then this is a sign that this relationship has no future. Keeping your feelings a secret will slowly lead you away from your partner.

Vassilios L.

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