What happens when the gym is between us

Lately, many men (and women) work out intensively. Suddenly, every neighborhood has a gym. Various new types of work out such as TRX, crossfit and aerial yoga are like a new religion and I do not say it in a good way. No one can deny that a guy with 6packs is a treat for the eyes. But what do I do when he decides to spend more time in the gym than with me?

You are having a good relationship, you are relaxing together watching Netflix the winter evenings and then he tells you that he is not happy with his body. That’s the beginning of everything. The gluten, the Himalayan salt, the avocados, the proteins, the creatine, the fat solvents, the weightlifting trainer, the crossfit workout, the guys from the gym, the push-ups, v-ups, pull-ups, burpees, deadlifts and the box. Yes, the box. The gym is no longer a gym, it is a box and then you realize that in your relationship there is no sign of communication.

If you decide to make the effort to continue this relationship, you must be prepared to face many difficulties.

Say goodbye to the quiet Sundays at home with food, snacks and TV. Also forget your favorite restaurants, because he will not risk spoiling his “summer body”. He will try to change you too. You must be strict and absolute about what you want and what you do not want to sacrifice. You will be tired of seeing dirty gym outfits all over the place.  Finally, you should learn to ignore comments like “Do you know how many calories is in it?”.

If you decide that all this does not suit you, that you are a talented person with different interests and hobbies and inner and outer beauty that does not require a protein shaker every morning, then you must know that you are not alone but we are many and many more like you.

Vassilios L.

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