Why does my ex checks out my stories?

The development of social media has influenced our everyday life and has changed human relations. Has changed not only our relations but also our behavior after a relationship has ended.

We upload almost daily photos or we check in to various social media and lately almost all of us upload stories. Our issue today is not why we are uploading all this information but who is following us.

What happens when our ex boyfriend watches our social networks and what does that mean?

It is logical that the first that comes to mind is that he wants to come back. Otherwise, what is the reason to watch our stories? Unfortunately, it can be for exactly the opposite reason or even worse, it may be some kind of obsession.

If your ex is feeling bad about how things have ended between you and wants to come back, I think it would be much easier to call you and say it. It would be more direct.

If your ex has get over you and moved on, you need to know it as soon as possible. It is bad for yourself to try to understand why he checks out your stories and to hope that he may want to come back.

But there is also the case that your ex is one of these kind of types with obsessions. You split, you did another relationship but 7 years after of your separation, he continues to intervenes in to your life. He thinks that he has the right to put you limits, to influence your freedom and he wants in various ways to make you deal with him and never really to move on.

That’s why Zuckerberg gave us the choice of block on facebook (it was not exactly that reason but it could be). Block him. Do not think it at all! Make a gift to yourself after your separation.

Vassilios L.


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