24 hours in Verona

When you hear the name “Verona” one thing comes to your mind: the city where took place the most tragic love story of all time: Romeo and Juliet. The city is not huge and you can walk on it in one day and its historic center is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Roman arena (is like a miniature of the Colosseum) is the first sight that you must see in the city. It is located on the beautiful piazza Bra and is quite impressive. Of course you will also visit the Juliet’s balcony. It is disappointingly small and as you know the story of Shakespeare is fantastic.

The city council chose a balcony in a random house and baptized it as a “Juliet’s Balcony”. You can enter the courtyard for free and take pictures, and of course you need to touch the left breast of the Juliet’s statue because the legend say that brings luck. You have the opportunity to pay and go inside the home of the hypothetical Juliet, and to visit her balcony. You will also see graffiti and locks everywhere that declare the love of many couples that have visited the place. If you like, with a 10-minute walk, you can also go to the tomb of Juliet.

Take a stroll through the beautiful Castelvecchio and crossed the river, admiring the magnificent bridges ponte Scaligero and ponte Pietra. Of course you will see churches. The truth is that after the Vatican and Saint Peter that I have visited a few years ago, churches do not impress me much anymore. But the Sant’Anastasia church is pretty beautiful and worth a visit. You can also visit the Duomo.

Like home: We did not stay in Verona but we visited the city for a day arriving  from Bologna where we stayed overnight at the 4-star Hotel Re Enzo (around 100 euros per night), not as central as I thought it was. A clean hotel with good breakfast and friendly staff, but with a tiny bathroom in the room that … gives you a lot of bruises.

Dress up: If you find yourself in Verona in early spring, just like I did you need to know that the weather is very… playful so be prepare for cold mornings to very hot evenings. Verona has plenty of paved sidewalks and streets so prefer comfortable shoes.

Yummy: The truth is that I wanted to experience the aperitivo but because I visited Verona for one day I did not want to waste time and not to see the sights, so I tasted the classic Italian pizza and gelato (ice-cream).

Almost famous: Go to the piazza delle Erbe, the most famous square of Verona. You can buy something handmade from the various benches or sit down to have a coffee. Also do some shopping on Via Mazzini. In addition to the classic stores like Zara, H&M, etc. you will find many boutiques or other brands a bit more expensive.

The 2 words you need to know if you visit Verona.

Buongiorno: good morning and you will hear it everywhere.

Passeggiata: a relaxed walk with the purpose of socializing. You have to do many of them in Verona.


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