In Florence for 48 hours

Florence is the city of Renaissance, art and culture as it impresses the visitor with its innumerable artistic treasures and cultural heritage, its beautiful architecture and the fairytale atmosphere.

You will surely visit the Duomo. It is located in the historic center of Florence, Piazza Santa Croce. It is the city’s most central square, and it hosts the magnificent cathedral in a basilica style. As for its architecture? You always discover new details. Art lovers have to visit the Galleria dell’Accademia and admire the sculpture of Michael Angelus, David, as well as other sculptures, Renaissance paintings, and more, at the first painting academy in Europe.

The Uffizi Gallery is another important art museum in Florence that you should not miss if you want to see works by Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Angelus, Titian, Botticelli and others. It is located in Piazza della Signora in the city center and the collection belongs to the Medici family.

You can walk to the picturesque Ponte Vecchio, the medieval city’s Old Bridge, on the River Arno and on it you will find jewelery shops (if you want to make a marriage proposal here you will find the right ring), souvenirs and works of art. The bridge leads to the southern part of the city, Oltrarno, where you can reach Michelangelo Square and admire the city from above. The view is stunning and will compensate for the trouble of climbing the many stairs.

The Palazzo Vecchio, also known as Palazzo della Signoria, is located on the edge of the homonymous square. It was built in 1298 and the 95 meter tower is a trademark of Florence. Next to the palace you will find Poseidon’s fountain. From palaces the city has no… complaints. The Palazzo Pitti is one of the most remarkable Renaissance monuments. Inside you will find many museums with collections of paintings, uniforms and many more. If the day is good, enjoy the sun on its huge square.

Like home: We stayed in the 4 star Hotel Domus (around 100 euros per night), in the center of Florence and very close to the Duomo. Clean hotel with tasty breakfast and friendly staff.

Dress up: If you find yourself in Florence in early spring, just like I did you need to know that the weather is very… playful so be prepare for cold mornings to very hot evenings. Florence has plenty of paved sidewalks and streets so prefer comfortable shoes.

Yummy: For authentic Italian cuisine you will taste pizza, enjoy some authentic Italian coffee and you will certainly eat your gelato. Do not miss to visit the mercato centrale, the central market of the city and to eat in one of its many shops.

Almost famous: Go to Ponte Vecchio in the night, do some window shopping and feel like a character of an epic movie.

The 2 words you need to know if you visit Florence.

Buongiorno: good morning and you will hear it everywhere.

Piazza: in Florence you will visit many squares.

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