Why if you go to Capri, Italy, you won’t want to leave

You may have seen photos and videos on utube, but nothing compares to experiencing the cosmopolitan atmosphere of this island, with its whitewashed houses on the rocks. Especially if you manage to control your hypsophobia then you will surely fall in love with it. Capri was established as a dolce vita island and was a favorite destination of the stars.

The two main settlements are Capri and Anacapri, with the 800 palm stairs connecting the latter with the sea and offering the perfect view. Here you will find infinitely classy hotels, restaurants, wine bars and lounge bars, with intense nightlife. The yachts flock to the Marina Grande every summer, while a sun lounger on the idyllic Marina Picolla beach is like winning the lottery. Also famous is Fontelina, which you will reach by sea.

The island is also a joy for hikers, as there are many trails on its lush, steep slopes. Don’t miss the Gardens of August (Giardini di Augusto) for taking great pictures. La Migliera, a panoramic trail of Roman times, is the most characteristic route and connects Capodimonte with the belvedere of Migliera, where you will also see ancient ruins.

The ship arrives in Marina Grande’s not-very-well-kept harbor, from where tourists rush to the top of the hill, in the town of Capri, with its expensive shops of famous fashion houses. You can take a cabrio taxi ride, prefer the very economical funicular, or walk to the uphill as was my choice.

Like home: We took a day trip to Capri from Naples, where we stayed at a lovely b&b, Domus Studio 25 (around 90 euros per night), in the historic city center. The very helpful hostess, the nice and clean space and the delicious breakfast, made our stay great.

Dress up: If you find yourself in Capri at the end of summer, like me, you must know that heat is the protagonist. The island is uphill so opt for comfortable shoes. Leave the high heels for the evening stroll in a chic wine bar. The capri pants born here and also handmade sandals (is must buy), sophisticated scarves, high visor hats and huge sunglasses are a must during the day.

Yummy: Everything in Capri is expensive, even pizza, but will you taste it, won’t you? And you will also drink a limoncello as lemons (most melon-sized) love this place and you will not miss a taste of lemon-flavored ice cream.

Almost famous: The small and charming Piazzetta was the setting for summer flirtation, which the paparazzi loved to capture on their photos. Actors and fashion icons (from Audrey Hamborne and Jackie Onassis to Liz Taylor and Kirk Douglas) spent their summers here, establishing a style that remained in the history of fashion. Copy them with a refreshing air drinking an aperitivo on this beautiful square, under the Clock Tower.

The 2 words you must know if you visit Capri.

Buongiorno: Good morning and you will hear it everywhere.

Mare: the sea. A splash in the blue waters is a must.

The history of Capri pants.

They are shorter than normal pants; they end between the knee and lower leg. They were first made in 1948 by Sonja de Lennart, a clothes designer from Prussia. They were popular in the 1950s and 1960s, but went out of style until the 2000s, when they became popular again.

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